Allen Appel is a writer, both fiction and non-fiction. His other blog is the popular book blog, thethrillerguy@blogspot.com. He attended Parkersburg High School from 1959 to 1962 and was in the band throughout those years. All names in the blog have been changed. Some material will be considered X rated by some folks, so let the reader beware. If you have a beef with what I’ve written, comment or email me at appleworks@gmail.com. I remember it my way, you remember it your way. All my books can be found here on Amazon or at  The Appel Store.

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  2. Hello, Cousin! Our mothers were cousins and spent a lot of time together in their childhoods. My grandmother was Myrtle Busch Snider, a sister to Belle and your grandmother. We lived on 20th Street (1911) and I graduated with your younger brother, David. I’ve read a few of your posts and really enjoyed them, especially the family history parts! I plan to order one of your books from Amazon! David knows me as Kathy Leavitt.


    1. I well remember the family talking about Aunt Myrtle. It was a family joke that whenever we would go into town mom would stop two or three times to talk to cousins as she had so many of them. Going to the yearly reunion meant trying to keep track of whole armies of them. I’ll tell David you said hi.


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